I am an OEM or a Hyperscaler looking to add liquid cooling solutions to my products.


 Readily available factory-installed solutions with CoolIT Systems Rack DCLC





OEM and Hyperscalers are integrating Direct Contact Liquid Cooling solutions at a rapid pace. CoolIT has quickly become the number one choice for safe and reliable liquid cooling.

Working with CoolIT is efficient. Dedicated CoolIT Engineering and Product Development teams work directly with customers throughout the development cycle to ensure the final product meets all performance and reliability targets. CoolIT’s product development processes are built to support fast design cycles and swift iteration, ensuring customer timelines and budgets are met while decreasing time to market.

Simply stated, CoolIT is the leading choice for OEM and Hyperscalers when developing and launching new Direct Contact Liquid Cooling products.

Custom coldplate designs available on request.



Gain competitive advantage for High Frequency Trading (HFT) workloads using CoolIT Systems Closed-Loop Liquid Cooling for the HPE Trade and Match Server Solution. The custom-built cooling solution, which is integrated into each of the four HPE ProLiant XL170r Servers within the Apollo r2000 Chassis, employs CoolIT Systems legendary E3 Coldplate Assembly and patented Split-Flow design to significantly enhance performance for financial services applications.


CoolIT Systems liquid cooling desktop solutions increase the gaming potential and performance of CPUs and GPUs. With years of experience engineering reliable, capable and controllable Direct Contact Liquid Cooling technology for high performance desktops, Corsair recognizes CoolIT as a leader in liquid cooling innovation.


Unleash your code’s potential with the Ninja Developer Platform for Intel® Xeon PhiTM Processor (formerly Knights Landing). The Intel® Xeon PhiTM Processor based Ninja Developer Platform provides an ideal energy-efficient platform for code developers.

Rack DCLC utilizes a three module “building block” approach which includes Server, Manifold, and Heat Exchange Modules. This provides customers with product flexibility when integrating liquid cooling into any computer environment or server configuration.


CoolIT Systems Server Modules can cool any combination of CPU, GPU and Memory components, with customization available for VR, ASIC, FPGA and other devices. Servers remain hot-swappable and simple to service.


The Rack DCLC Manifold Module manages liquid distribution between the Heat Exchange Module and any number of Server Modules. Manifold Modules can be customized to suit any server or rack environment.


CoolIT Systems Rack DCLC product line offers a variety of Heat Exchange Modules depending on load requirements and availability of facility water, including CHx (Liquid-to-Liquid), AHx (Liquid-to-Air) and custom options.


CoolIT’s Closed-Loop DCLC solutions are cooling systems that exist entirely within the desktop or server. A variety of efficient coldplate assemblies are installed next to heat-producing components and hot air is then rejected through slim, quiet radiators.

The sealed liquid loops ship pre-filled with coolant and installation is comparable to that of a standard heat sink. Many types of Closed-Loop DCLC systems are available to both standard and custom rack-mount configurations.


  • “We chose to work with CoolIT Systems because their solutions are modular and robust, and as a result, they are most flexible and efficient for our situation.”

    Keith Vanderlinde
    Keith Vanderlinde Assistant Professor, University of Toronto
  • “Dell EMC is committed to working with leading innovators and researchers worldwide with the goal of expanding HPC to drive critical scientific and research advancement, as well as economic and global competitiveness. Dell is proud to work with organizations like CoolIT Systems to empower our customers to get the most out of their HPC systems.”

    Kash Shaikh
    Kash Shaikh Vice President of Marketing and Product Management for Ready Solutions at Dell EMC
  • "We are pleased to have migrated from a liquid cooled pilot project with CoolIT Systems to a full-scale rollout. The pilot project proved to be very reliable, it met our efficiency goals, and provided a bonus performance boost with the processors very happy to be kept at a cool, consistent temperature as a result of liquid cooling’s effectiveness."

    Radoslaw Januszewski
    Radoslaw Januszewski IT Specialist, PSNC
  • "We view this as a logical extension of the value we have brought to the market from CPI Passive Cooling® Solutions, containment options and partnerships to optimize performance of precision cooling equipment and economizer systems. By working with CoolIT Systems, we can extend that value into the arena of high performance computing (HPC) and supercomputing applications."
    Ian Seaton
    Ian Seaton Chatsworth Products Inc
  • "An equally important goal was provisioning these computational resources as efficiently as possible. CoolIT delivered a liquid cooled system that lowers the energy consumed for cooling and provides opportunities to reuse the waste heat from the servers.”

    Peter Løngreen
    Peter Løngreen Head of HPC at CBS-DTU
  • “From initiation, to testing, and to completion, CoolIT Systems has been a great business partner with employees representing the highest level of professionalism. We look forward to expanding our technology platform developments and collaborative marketing efforts in the near future."

    Aaron Wang
    Aaron Wang Director of Channel Sales and Marketing, iStarUSA
  • "Working with CoolIT Systems to integrate their innovative direct contact liquid cooling solution was critical to deploying the Cherry Creek cluster, even in an environment that doesn’t have the cooling capabilities of a data center."

    Joe Curley
    Joe Curley Director of Marketing, Intel Technical Computing Group
  • "Trust is a huge factor when putting liquids in close proximity to critical electronics. We are proving that CoolIT’s technology outfitted with Stäubli’s non-spill connectors works flawlessly. Skeptics are becoming converts."

    Rusty Robertson
    Rusty Robertson Aerospace/Defense Application Specialist, Staubli Corporation
  • “We are pleased to see CoolIT innovate on HPE’s High Performance Trade and Match Solution with their Closed-Loop Liquid Cooling. The combination of their liquid cooling technology with the reliable and established HPE design extends our performance leadership, delivering greater value and choice to our customers.”

    Scott Misage
    Scott Misage Vice President, HPC Solutions and Apollo Pursuits, Hewlett Packard Enterprise
  • “We utilize the innovative liquid cooling systems from CoolIT in our performance-premium systems. Right now, that consists primarily of our specialized VEGA series geared towards computational finance applications. These systems support frequency and voltage overclocking, allowing users to realize the maximum speed and computational potential that the hardware is capable of. Because of this, we needed an effective yet compact and easy-to-integrate cooling solution that would allow these systems to consistently run at higher temperatures without any problems. CoolIT provided us with that solution.”

    Colin Cronin
    Colin Cronin Marketing Director, International Computer Concepts